As you may know, LED Shoe Source is located in South Florida and we love EDM. For those reasons, Ultra Music Festival is held near and dear to our heart. That’s why we were admittedly a little worried when we read anews over the weekend that residents of downtown Miami had started a petition to bar large music festivals like Ultra and Rolling Loud from taking place at Bayfront Park, the public waterfront space where the events have been held for years.


We are empathetic to the concerns of residents who note that the festivals take weeks of preparation, essentially closing off a public space for a private event. Residents also note that the event brings loud noise, tons of traffic and the problems that come along with alcohol and drugs.

A petition outlining the neighborhood’s concerns has earned over a thousand signatures so far with who knows how many more are still to come. The residents are suggesting that the festivals be moved elsewhere, leaving them with daily access to Bayfront Park.

Still, it’s important to note that Ultra and Rolling Loud bring tons of revenue to Downtown Miami and the surrounding areas, filling hotels and restaurants with tourists ready to spend money.

In any case, we hope for the best for all parties involved. People deserve a space to party for hours on end and people also deserve a neighborhood park they have access to every day. We’ll keep you posted on any developments.