The past few years have been good to DJ Snake, or at least that's what you'd think given his massive success after "Turn Down For What" and his steady presence in the EDM festival circuit.

Apparently, however, not all is so peachy for the French DJ. Scheduled to perform at the Hangout Music Festival over the weekend, concert producers announced that Snake had cancelled his performance at the last minute. His cancellation sent the producers into a scramble, eventually leading to the announcement that Lil Yachty would be taking his slot. Rumors are swirling about the cause of Snake's cancellation especially once people realized that he had gone "dark" on social media, either deleting or suspending both his Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

DJ SnakeSnake's recent comments at a Mawazine Festival provide a glimpse into his psyche. "When you are on top, people are trying to bring you down," he said to the large contingent of fans and music lovers. Pair that with his final Snapchat message, "You've disappointed me" in French, and you've got thousands of people trying to figure what has Snake so blue. Either way, LEDSHOESOURCE hopes he's okay and that he's found some peace during a difficult time in his life. Some are speculating that his disappearance may have something to do with the lawsuit he and collaborator Lil Jon are facing over the title of their 2013 smash hit "Turn Down For What."