Word on the street is that Vin Diesel is branching out into the world of EDM. The star of the Fast and Furious franchise, with his latest film The Fate of the Furious currently in theaters, is rumored to have been working on a “monster track” with none other than Steve Aoki.

Vin Diesel Steve AokiThe actor, always confident, has told friends and family that he fully expects to win a Grammy before he wins an Oscar. For a man that’s closely associated with street racing, violent explosions and worldwide travel, EDM feels like the perfect fit. If the song is the monster he’s so confident it can be, maybe you’ll be seeing Vin Diesel on the lineup of your favorite EDM festival later this year, (where you’ll be wearing your light up shoes from LED Shoe Source, of course). In any case, Vin Diesel’s latest bombshell news has us asking ourselves some questions we’re dying to find answers to.

What Will Be Vin Diesel’s DJ Name?

Will the man who was born as Mark Sinclair pick up another alias once he starts playing the mainstage at EDC Vegas? Granted, Vin Diesel is a pretty cool name and surprisingly tailor made for the world of EDM already. I mean, if you’d never heard of any of the Fast and Furious movies and saw “Vin Diesel” on a festival flyer, you probably wouldn’t even think twice. Still, with one awesome name under his belt, what could be some EDM aliases? What if Vin Diesel just went by his name from the movies, Dominic Toretto? DJ Dominic Toretto has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? The street racer lightshow would be epic.

What Will Vin Diesel’s Track Sound Like?

Apparently Vin Diesel played his new track for his wife and it brought her to tears. With that kind of hype, you start to wonder what Vin Diesel’s track will sound like. How can it ever live up to the hype that comes with knowing this song was so beautiful it made someone cry tears of joy? In Steve Aoki’s words, “what Vin brought to the table, I’ve never experienced before… I think it’s going to blow people’s minds.” This is coming from Steve Aoki, a man who has probably experienced more in his 39 years on Earth than most humans experience in an entire lifetime. What about Vin’s track made Steve stop and say, “wow, I’ve never seen anything like this?”

Wear Your LED Shoes to Vin Diesel’s EDM Debut

At this point it’s probably inevitable that Vin Diesel will be on the mainstage at an EDM show in the near future. Shuffle the night away while Vin tests out his masterpiece on a crowd of adoring fans. You might want to cry when you hear his track but you’ll look amazing doing so in your light up LED shoes. They’re like a lightshow on your feet. Careful though, grab too much attention with your footwork and you might upstage Vin Diesel’s big day.