The History of LED Shoes: From Kiddos to Ravers

The History of LED Shoes: From Kiddos to Ravers

Many of us remember wanting those cool light up shoes as kids. Now that LED shoes have made a comeback for adults, let's examine their long and storied history.

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Remember wanting those light up shoes when you were a kid? Watching the heel light up with every step you took, showing them off to your friends, led shoes were the craze for kids in the 1990s.  

How did sneakers become such high-tech accessories? 

The First Sneakers

Before the introduction of sneakers, shoes were very plain and uniform. In fact, there was no distinction between the left and right shoes. 

In 1917, the first rubber sole shoe was introduced. With the quieter rubber sole, these shoes were deemed "sneakers" as the wearer could easily "sneak up" on someone. 

The comfort of these new shoes made them popular for everyday use, despite the initial athletic market. 

Tech and Fashion

Soon, companies began to market more expensive product lines. Sneakers were now colorful with carefully designed logos to appeal to the nightclub atmosphere. 

Podiatrists began to work with companies, making better-designed shoes for athletes in hopes of reducing injuries and enhancing performance. The creation of inflatable shoes came about in 1990 to customize the shoe to the shape of the wearer's foot. 

LED Craze Begins

In 1992, the led shoes craze began. Kids sneakers would have lights at the heel of their shoes that would light up each time their heel came to the ground.

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However, the early LED sneakers had a design flaw that quickly caused the LED sneakers to fade away. The batteries contained mercury at unsafe levels. This revelation caused many parents to fear the shoes while Minnesota banned the sale of them completely.  

The public gradually lost interest in the LED sneakers, but the 1990s kids would always remember the magical, fun sneakers.  

LED Craze Revamped

Kids from the 1990s are now adults nostalgic for the magical sneakers of their youth. For many, the sneakers were the first electronic gadgets they possessed. And now, LED sneakers are better than ever!  

With lights that encircle the entire shoe, not just the heel, and safe USB rechargeable batteries (no mercury), LED sneakers are making a fierce comeback.  

Thanks to the expansion of led shoes, the same people who wore them as kids can now wear them as adults!  

Don't want shoes that light up all the time? No problem! Save your battery for those awesome raves with the on/off switch towards the ankle of the shoes.  

Wear them to parties, festivals, and raves. The 7 different LED color options and 2 LED patterns built into a durable rubber sole make these shoes the perfect party accessory! One charge can provide up to 6 hours of LED fun! 

Not big on partying? LED sneakers can be worn for day-to-day activities too! Feel safer running at night. With the bright LED lights, there is no worrying over whether or not a driver sees you.   

Keep safe while cycling. Many drivers admit that it is difficult to see cyclists on the road. Avoid the risk of not being seen! The bright LED lights will help pinpoint your location and allow drivers to stay a comfortable and safe distance away.  

Relive your childhood with LED sneakers.