Sunday night, the Billboard Music Awards captivated the world by showcasing and celebrating the music world. While Drake may have “won” the night with a dozen wins, EDM crossover stars The Chainsmokers brought their unique brand of dance-pop music to an even wider audience (if that is even possible).



While the duo performed an acoustic version of “Young,” a song from their album, it’s no secret that The Chainsmokers are EDM DJs who have revolutionized the genre with indie, pop, and hip hop sensibilities.

At the Billboard Music Awards, the duo based in New York City won in the “Top Collaboration,” “Top Hot 100 Song,” “Top Dance Artist” and “Top Dance Song” categories, largely thanks to their smash hit “Closer.”

If that wasn’t enough good news for the DJ duo, they also recently got word that “Closer” has amassed over a billion streams on Spotify, a feat that only six songs can claim.

For the EDM world, the duo have proven that the genre is capable of innovation and evolution. EDM, like rock and hip hop, has so many variations and sub-genres. Calvin Harris and Skrillex, for example, don’t sound like The Chainsmokers, yet they all belong to the same genre of music. Going forward, The Chainsmokers look to add to their already impressive resume and the EDM world will thank them for their contributions.