It's no secret that fidget spinners have taken over the world. Students are spinning their anxiety and stress away. Adults are learning to do tricks and impress themselves with their ability to spin for hours on end. As people get more and more acquainted with the physics of fidget spinners, they also get more and more bold with their trick videos. Here are the three Youtube videos about fidget spinners we enjoyed the most (so far). 


Can 1000 MPH Fidget Spinner Shatter Galaxy S8 Infinity Display?

One of our favorite videos about fidget spinners was produced by GizmoSlip and answers a question that only a technology vlogger would have -- can a fidget spinner going 1000 mph shatter the glass display on a Galaxy S8 Infinity? Using compressed air to twirl the spinner, the spinner begins to move closer to 1000 mph (though that number is disputed by many in the comments section) before cratering the brand new Android phone and leaving the LCD severely damaged. You might live your whole life never getting a fidget spinner to spin at 1000 mph, but after watching this video, at least you'll know what kind of damage it could do to your most prized possessions.



Melting a Fidget Spinner

There's something oddly satisfying about seeing things explode or melt, right? It speaks to that primal part of our brains that must've been amazed when fire was first discovered all those millennia ago. It only makes sense then that someone would post a video to Youtube of a fidget spinner melting. Using a high-powered blowtorch, the person behind Let's Melt This brings the fidget spinner to abnormally high temperatures until the plastic begins to melt away into a kind of mush. I can't say I understand why we enjoy watching this video but it's definitely worth watching. 

 Fidget Spinner Hacks/Tricks - 4 Things You Can Do Right Now 

There are plenty of videos about fidget spinner tricks but we enjoy the video made by Brainfoo TV because it mixes fun things to try out with practical ways to maintain your toy. It's the best of both worlds. Try out some tricks like swapping out the bearings or using the main bearing as a top. Or, if you've got some cans of compressed air lying around, take out the bearings altogether and become the proud owner of a lightweight air spinner. Remember to watch through the end for some tips on how to keep your spinner crisp and fluid!