LED light up shoes for EDM electronic festivals

Make a Fashion Statement at Your Next EDM Festival

Make a Fashion Statement at Your Next EDM Festival

An EDM festival is the perfect chance to get a little wild and show off some cool clothes. LED shoes are the perfect mix of EDM and fashion forward dressing.

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You've counted down the days for weeks and the EDM festival is almost here.

You bought your tickets months ahead of time and you and your friends are excited to hear some of your favorite DJs and musicians live.

It's time to dance the night away and have the time of your life!

But as you eagerly await the big day, you pause for a moment: 'What will I wear?'

After all, the only thing that's as important as the mixes and beats from the DJ in electronic dance music is your style.

You need to make a statement with what you wear at your next festival. But how can you do it?

Wear LED Shoes

Years ago, showing up to a concert in style meant finding any old pair of sandals or shoes (or wearing none at all) and heading out the door.

That's all changed with EDM festivals. Your shoes are a major fashion statement that make you stand out.

Whether you are into a low-top canvas shoe or a shiny, high top sneaker with a gold-plated zipper on the side, there is a pair out there for you.

Each option comes with a unique combination of LED colors that can stay lit up, strobe or flash for hours!

This way you can show off your best dance moves with an array of color streams.

LED Shoes History

LED shoes have come a long way to becoming what they are today. A shoe that exists for anyone of any age.

In 1992, L.A. Gear's light-up shoe, L.A. Lights, was released to the public. Geared towards younger kids, the heel of the shoes lit up as their foot hit the ground when they walked. 

Needless to say, these were a huge hit! 

The company sold more than 5 million pairs of these shoes in just one year! 

But with their success soon came concerns about the shoe's impact on the environment. 

Mercury in the batteries of those shoes were viewed by many consumers as being unsafe for the environment. With that concern, came the eventual decline in the sales of these shoes.

Fast forward to today, however, and LED shoes have been a game changer in the current market. 

They are popular with kids and adults alike, and their USB batteries are rechargeable and free of mercury.

Now people of all ages wear these shoes to raves or EDM festivals and enjoy them!

Be Bold at the EDM Festival

Part of being stylish at EDM festivals is not being afraid to be bold. 

Think about it: you are going to be surrounded by other people with a passion for the music you love.

If there was ever an environment to let loose and try something new, this is the place for it.

Whether it's a neon-colored headband, a colorful hoodie or a pair of LED shoes, EDM festivals or rave parties are your chance to push the envelope on style.

Do you wear LED shoes to EDM festivals or rave parties?

What's your favorite part of wearing these shoes?

Let's start a conversation below!