Held annually in Boom, Belgium, Tomorrowland is another one of those EDM festivals you have to see to believe. With huge, impressive light shows and rosters of the world’s most decorated DJs, it’s no surprise that Tomorrowland is a hot ticket around the world. Still, with all the hype surrounding the event, some interesting details can get lost in the mix. In any case, here are some little known facts about the Belgian festival that you should know.


David Guetta Is a Ride or Die

After over a decade of dance dominance, it’s hard to believe that any one artist could perform at Tomrrowland for every year of its existence. With touring schedules, travel times and the costs of booking, it’s an incredible feat that French DJ and global superstar David Guetta has performed at every single Tomorrowland. The only one to do so, Guetta is again poised to amaze the 60,000 people who will be ready to dance every day during this year’s installment Tomorrowland.


2 Million People Log In To Buy Tickets

With most sales coming through Tomorrowland’s online store, it’s no surprise that the website can get a little hectic when tickets first go on sale. What does come as a surprise is how many people actually flood the website, desperate for tickets to the world’s premiere dance music festival. It has been determined that upwards of 2 million people go on the Tomorrowland website looking to secure tickets to a concert that can only house 60,000 people a day. Talk about high demand!


EDM Foodies?

With so much music and entertainment to keep you occupied, sometimes you can forget to eat! For the concertgoers with deep pockets, Tomorrowland has you covered and provides an opportunity to contribute to a great cause. Located within the mainstage, a 2-star Michelin rated restaurant serves up $1,000 plates to a group of 12. The exclusive restaurant has hosted a famous roster of guests and proceeds of the meal are donated to charity.


How Romantic

Talk about a humble brag. Tomorrowland organizers have dropped rose petals onto the crowd -- as opposed to confetti -- in order to wow their growing legion of fans.