Webster Hall has played host to dozens upon dozens of artists and shows that have enraptured New York's music scene. Recently, word got out that the iconic New York venue will be closing its doors on August 5th as its new corporate owners, AEG and Brooklyn Sports Entertainment, look to demolish and renovate the space altogether.

Since 1992, the venue has been owned and operated by the Ballinger Brothers who have seen the hall become the best selling club venue in New York and the third best selling club venue in the world.


As the new owners reinvent the space, be prepared to wait a couple years down the line before Webster Hall is back open for business. 

Webster Hall's impact on the New York music scene should never be forgotten as it's paved the way for so many memories and niche cultures to come together for club nights over the past 25 years. The venue's legacy is undeniable, even if it'll probably never be the same.