The island of Ibiza -- the tourist destination 150 miles off the coast of Spain known for its beaches and thriving club scene -- has been in the middle of a tug-of-war meant to help determine its future as a lea. 

As clubs on the beach and drunk party-goers become more and more synonymous with the tourist destination, locals are beginning to put the clamps down on the noise levels they say interfere with more traditional forms of tourism.

In recent months, sixteen different nightclubs in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia have been told to shut off the music for the time being. As written at, "the request or rather demand states that all music must be cut until all proper paperwork and permits are completed by each individual club to adequately make sure these facilities are following the local laws."

The demand from local officials is seen as a response to the growing number of beach clubs springing up in the area, clubs which many see as a deterrent that may keep more traditional tourists away from Sant Josep.

For nightclub owners and promoters, the news comes on the heels of a recent order to lower noise levels from 85db to 65db. In a place like Ibiza, known to partiers as a place where bigger and louder is always better, the recent crackdown has been a bit of a buzzkill. 

Still, locals have a right to govern their island as they see fit. How do you feel about the recent news coming out of Ibiza?