Disney to Launch First-Ever EDM Event at Disneyland Paris and Steve Aoki is Headlining

The last week has been filled with tons of great news in the world of EDM but nothing tops Disney’s latest announcement: Disneyland Paris will be hosting Disney’s first ever EDM event and a ton of DJs and producers are slated to perform. What a perfect place to wear your LED shoes, walking through the paths and trails of Disney’s park in Paris by day and then shuffling the night away with all of your friends.

EDM Disneyland Paris

On Saturday, July 8, 2017, the theme park will be host to thousands of party-goers who can buy tickets for €52 or pay an extra €12 for a privilege pass that grants them access to the park during the day and the festival at night.

Childhood Dreams Coming True

Partying the night away to all of your favorite songs in the happiest place on Earth seems like the best possible way to spend your time. The festival combines all of our interests perfectly, bringing together our love for Disney’s most iconic characters with our love for electronic music’s most renowned artists. It’s a match made in PLUR heaven.

The Best of Both Worlds

One of the coolest aspects of the Disney EDM festival is that entrance to the festival gives you full access to all of Disneyland Paris’ many rides and attractions. With that in mind, if you find yourself ready to ride a rollercoaster after someone’s set, you can go ahead and do exactly that. On the other hand, you could ride the roller coasters all night and then make your way over to the festival grounds just to catch Steve Aoki’s set. Either way, you’re in the perfect place to experience the best of both worlds.

Lights, Please

It’s no secret that Disney puts on some of the most famous light shows in the world. People travel from all over the world to see Disney’s fireworks show in Anaheim, California, a show they put on all the time. Can you imagine what kind of tricks Disney will have up their sleeves for their first EDM festival? Pair that with the creativity and balls-to-the-wall lifestyle of the artists on the bill and you’ve got a recipe for some of the most spectacular light shows you can see anywhere on the planet.

Get Your LED Shoes Ready!

With that light show in mind, think about how much fun you and your friends will have with some LED shoes on your feet. Every roller coaster ride will have an added element, the mini attraction perched on your feet. Since the festival is at night, think about how you’ll be flying in the air withyour shoes (make sure they’re on tight!) visible to everyone still on the ground. People will wonder if you’re part of the show!

Whether you enjoy the Disney universe or the world of EDM, Electroland has everything you could possibly ask for. Now it’s just time to figure out how you’re getting to Paris!