With a net worth most people can only dream of, the world’s most famous DJs and producers are no strangers to private jets, sports cars and luxury suites. One of those DJs, Deadmau5 (aka Jordan Zimmerman) recently revealed his newest toy to all of the followers on his Twitter account and it’s quite impressive.

When you’re rumored to make $100,000 a set, it only makes sense you’d spoil yourself. In this case, Deadmau5 is now the proud owner of the $130,000 BAC Mono. BAC MonoThis British supercar features a 2.3 liter Cosworth engine and more than 280 bhp. On paper, 280 bhp doesn’t sound like an outrageous amount of power but with its extreme light weight, the one-seat Mono can go from 0 to 60 in in less than 3 seconds -- 2.8 to be exact.

With that kind of speed, maybe Deadmau5 will just drive to all of his gigs! Who knows, It might even be faster than dealing with airport security.

The Canadian DJ, it should be mentioned, is not new to the luxury car market. Just a few years ago, Zimmerman captivated the EDM world with his now defunct “Purrari,” a late model Ferrari with a nyan cat-themed wrap. Ferrari wasn’t a huge fan and sent the musician a cease-and-desist letter and the Purrari was no more -- but not until after it had raced from Miami to Ibiza in the Gumball3000 2014 rally.

Ford GT
Now Deadmau5’ biggest dilemma will be deciding which sports car to take out on his hometown of Toronto.  The owner of the 2017 Ford GT -- one of only 500 owners -- Deadmau5 will have a tough decision to make.