With the first day of festivities planned for the end of this week -- the 16th to be exact -- it's time to get your final EDC preparations in order. That means picking outfits, booking last minute hotel deals, renting cars and everything else that comes along with the world famous music festival in Sin City. That also means figuring out the small but important life hacks that can make all the difference between having a fun weekend and having the most epic weekend of your life. Here at LED Shoe Source we're here to help so we've put together 4 tips to help you conquer the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Plan Your Meeting Spots Ahead of Time

EDC is notorious for having shoddy cell phone service which makes sense, all things considered, there are 130,000 people at the venue at any given time. For that reason, it's important to know exactly where you and your friends will meet ahead of time, just in case someone's phone dies or there isn't any service. Try to pick a meeting place, like the garages where areas are numbered, so everyone can navigate easily and with a frame of reference. Avoiding meeting at places where everyone loves to congregate such as near the giant owl. 

Dress Like You're In the Desert

It's tempting to pick out a weekend's worth of outfits that feature a ton of layers, boots, and clothing you might be comfortable wearing at home. Las Vegas, however, is not the place to wear more than what's necessary, especially since you'll probably be standing and walking in triple digit heat for twelve hours daily. Try to wear shorts, a light top layer and the most comfortable shoes you own. Otherwise, your electric daisy carnival can become a fiery nightmare

Stay Hydrated

Pairing the extreme desert heat with the alcohol that many concert goers choose to indulge in, it's of extreme importance to stay hydrated with tons and tons of water. Attendants will refill your water bottles and containers but be aware, mobs of people will be swarming. Still, it's probably the most important fact to remember. You will be constantly drained of fluids during your time in the desert listening to your favorite artists. Treat your body the right way! 

Bring Tissue Packets and Hand Sanitizer

With so many people using the portable toilets, it's better to play it safe and bring your own sanitizing products for the duration of your stay. Bring a tissue packet in case the portables run out of toilet paper and bring hand sanitizer to get rid of the germs you'll come in contact with in the desert. Just be sure you bring in a new packet every day! You can only bring sealed items into the festival grounds.