Not long ago, LED Shoe Source highlighted the iconic gathering in Gorge, Washington known as the Paradiso Festival. Not too far away, on the Canadian side of the border, lies another iconic music festival -- the Shambhala Music Festival.

In preparation of its 20th annual festival in August, the staff behind the Shambhala Music Festival has earned a reputation as a company unafraid to book a compelling mix of established artists and DJs/producers still on their way to becoming household names. Aside from that, the 500 acre property where the festival is held is a ranch year round, normally playing host to cattle. Yet, for a handful of days in early August, this family-owned ranch becomes a small city of 10,000 music lovers. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the best reasons to check out the Shambhala Music Festival.


The Shambhala Music Festival is one of the cleanest and most sustainable music festivals on the planet. With much of the food served at the event having been grown or raised on the ranch itself, you can rest assured that you’re supporting the people who continue to put on one of the best cultural events in the world of electronic dance music. Support the circle of life that the family behind the Shambhala Music Festival works so hard to maintain.

PK Sound

You go to concerts for many reasons but hearing your favorite artists play their best songs live is perhaps the most important. Shambhala Music Festival rents out PK Sound loudspeakers, ensuring that you hear your favorite songs the way the artists intended -- in perfect clarity and at full volume. You’ll be able to feel the music run through your body and that’s always the end goal, right?  

The Lineup

For their 20th anniversary, the Shambhala Music Festival pulled no punches. With artists like A-Trak, Falcons and Jai Wolf headlining, the party is sure to be rocking for any fan of EDM, no matter the sub-genre.

British Columbia

The beauty of the Pacific Northwest can never be exaggerated. The landscape of the region is unmatched and Shambhala Music Festival is about as Pacific Northwest as it gets. Nestled in the Canadian countryside, the festival is located in a clean and visually appealing landscape, where the air is clean and tall trees are abundant.