EDM fans should rejoice about a recent bit of news that has hit the Internet. Famed tech and business guru Elon Musk has stated that Tesla will be working on creating a music streaming service with goals of equipping his popular car company’s vehicles with his latest endeavor. Here are 3 reasons we’re excited Elon Musk and Tesla are starting a music streaming service.


More streaming services, more music.

With Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal owning such a large portion of the marketshare, some critics might say that Tesla’s plans for a streaming service just make them another face in a crowd of providers. That may be in true in part, having many options leads to competition and keeps streaming services on their toes.

Elon Musk is the current poster child for innovation. We fully expect Musk and his team at Tesla to bring their own expertise into an industry that is growing and becoming more lucrative financially every day. Bringing Musk into the field will make the existing providers step their game up and buy more catalogues of music to hold on to their customer bases. Bring it on, Elon.


Tesla Makes Things… Cool

This is a reality that is worth noting. Tesla wasn’t the first company to make electric cars -- or solar panels, for that matter -- but they were one of the innovators who made this new technology look cool. It’s no secret that thousands of people nationwide pay upwards of $1,000 each year just to reserve the “right” to buy a $30,000 car the following year. There is a certain cool factor associated with the brand. It’s safe to assume that Tesla’s music streaming service will carry an aura of “cool” along with it.


The Driving Experience

Many times when we speak about Tesla cars, we talk about everything except for the experience behind the wheel. With its own built-in streaming software, Tesla cars will provide one of the most immersive experiences around, inspiring drivers to take the long way home in order to listen to their favorite songs.


Here at LED Shoe Source we respect the best and brightest in technology and music. For those reasons, we welcome the new Tesla news with open arms.